Why lease is a better option?



Equipment lease is cheaper than buying it.

It eliminates high contribution of own materials and costs related to credit support.

The leased equipment solves the problem related to its later disposal.


Optimal use of values

Pay only when you use

Lack of the necessity to store and make supplies allows for allocation of funds for other needs.

Using 100% of equipment potential protects you from generating losses connected with storage during the time when materials are not used.


Fixed costs limitation

Minimalization of one?s own machine park limits the need to own warehouses and storage sites and, in effect, the costs connected with the maintenance of buildings, storing infrastructure and protection.




Obtaining the required equipment

The wide range of offered services in the scope of access to works at heights, devices protecting from adverse weather conditions, communication infrastructure for construction sites allows for full support of construction site on a specified date.



Based on staff with many years of experience, we offer you a comprehensive service at every stage of the project implementation.

We advise, design, deliver, serve.



Costs control

Thanks to lease, it is possible to simplify the tendering procedures.

No need of staff with specialized entitlements.

Legal responsibility

Removal of legal liability from you for structural and manufacturing defects.

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